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Wafer Bonding

Course Objectives

The objectives of the course will be to make the attendees aware of the properties and the potential of various wafer bonding processes regarding their applicability to the fabrication of MEMS devices and use as batch compatible first order packaging processes.

Target group

The course addresses engineers and product developers interested in bonded substrates for novel device fabrication and those involved in the development of MEMS based products covering diverse areas such as sensors, microfluidic structures, and any product that could benefit from wafer scale packaging across all industrial sectors. The technology is also of interest to those involved in 3D integration, LED’s and solar cells.


  • Theory of wafer bonding processes (anodic, silicon direct, glass frit, adhesive, eutectic, thermocompression)
  • Wafer preparation (including in-situ chemistry)
  • Single and multiple bonds
  • Choice of glass and anodic bonding conditions for various glasses
  • Practical bonding considerations
  • Inspection / Metrology of bonded wafer pairs
  • Temporary bonding
  • Surface activated, low temperature direct bonding
  • Wafer bonding for wafer level packaging and 3D integration
  • Pros and cons of various wafer bonding processes

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