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Non-silicon materials for microsystem technologies: Properties, shaping and applications


In addition to silicon and established semiconductors polymers, metals, ceramics and composites become more and more important for the realization of new microcomponents and microsystems. These material classes offer due to their broad variety of physical properties new opportunities for areas of applications e.g. under harsh environments like elevated temperatures or presence of aggressive liquid media. The course will cover the principal physical properties of the most important polymers, metals, ceramics and composite materials with a particular relevance for microsystem technologies. In addition the different shaping and replication methods like electroplating, injection molding and derived techniques like powder injection molding, tape casting a.o. will be presented. Finally a huge number of different examples covering the important areas of microoptics, microfluidics, microreaction technology a.o. will demonstrate the application potential of polymer, metals, ceramics and composite materials.


The course is designed for technical management, R&D engineers and production specialists who face challenges of new product development and manufacturing technologies.


  • General material aspects
  • Polymers: Properties and replication methods, applications
  • Metals: Properties, microstructuring and applications
  • Ceramics: Properties, shaping and microstructuring, applications
  • Micro powder injection molding as process chain for the mass fabrication of microstructured metal and ceramic components
  • Potential of composite materials for microsystem technologies


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