Material Analysis at Nanoscale

Course Objectives

In the field of micro-fabrication, objects are becoming increasingly smaller and even approaching nano scale size. On the other hand it is well established that macro properties are based on atomic scale behavior of materials. In development and reliability domains, the need exists to conduct analyses at the micro and nanometer scale. This is indeed a challenge. Furthermore, while there exist more than ten highly precise methods of nano-analysis available commercially, none of them can be considered as a universal tool for analysis. The goal of this course is to present different methods of nano-analysis, the capabilities of each method and their limitations. With that, offer to the analyst, a vision to select the right method for their particular problems.

Target group

The course is structured to support those involved in the reliability and failure analysis of the materials and devices in the field of microtechnology, watch industries, development of new materials and to those who are dealing with characterization of such products. Furthermore, the course will appeal to scientists, encountering situations where the causes of a phenomenon are not clear and deeper understanding is to be searched.


During the lecture, several case studies will be presented. The following topics will be covered and at the end of the course, the participants will know:

General principals of different methods of analysis:

- Ion based methods: SIMS, TOF-SIMS, FIB-SIMS

- Electron based methods: XPS/ESCA, EELS, STEM/EDS, SEM/EDS, Auger


Advantages and limitations of each technique (lateral resolution, depth resolution, limits of detection).

Application of these methods by case studies


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