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Nanotechnology for Security and Privacy

Course Objectives

The course will give on overview of the main nanotechnologies and emerging nanomaterials and their applications regarding their impact on security and privacy aspects of data processing, storage and communication for the future society and Internet-of-Things applications.

Target group

This course is designed for people with a large range of backgrounds including practicing scientists, engineers, economists but also political deciders. It provides them with basic knowledge about the potential and strategic role of nanotechnology in the future society. A scientific background would be a plus but not a ‘must’ prerequisite for understanding the majority of the concepts and discussions.


The course will address the following topics:

Information nanotechnologies: nanoelectronics, quantum computing and efficient encryption techniques for data protection, role of smart nanomaterials and molecular electronics

Internet of things and privacy: techniques for data protection and privacy, energy efficient applications

Energy: nanomaterials for high performance batteries, fuel cells, solar cells, thermoelectric converters

Environmental aspects and nanosensing: improved monitoring, pollution reduction by new “nano and green” technologies

Nanomedicine, health and biotech: nanosensor arrays for rapid diagnostics, nanomaterials for artificial organs, highly efficient medicine, transportation and civil infrastructure: role of new materials and nanocomposite structure, technologies for autonomous and efficient vehicles, improved safety

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Adrian Ionescu