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Introduction to Optical Sensors


This course will

  • describe the operating principles, such as optical intensity modulation, phase modulation, spectral modulation, absorption modulation, fluorescence;
  • review sensor types and the physical and chemical parameters they detect, such as temperature, pressure, flow, strain, stress, acceleration, rotation, force.
  • describe characteristics and advantages of the main families of optical sensors, such as optical fiber based sensors and optical MEMS based sensors;
  • identify the required components necessary to make an optical sensing system.
  • illustrate specific sensing solutions and their benefits in applications for energy, medicine, oil & gas, civil engineering, transportation, telecom and others.
  • give an overview of the optical sensing industry and its trends.


Technical managers, scientists, engineers, technicians and research students who wish to learn about optical sensing technologies and review their implementation and applications. The course is also suitable to personnel in technical marketing wishing to examine prospects in the optical sensor area.



  • Optical sensors: what they are, when they are advantageous, market trends.

Operating principle of Optical Sensors

  • Optical intensity modulation, Phase modulation, Spectral modulation, Absorption modulation, Fluorescence.

Optical sensor families

  • Review based on the measured physical/chemical parameter.
  • Review based on the fabrication process.

Examples of optical sensing systems and applications

  • Key components of an optical sensing system are analyzed.
  • Examples of complete optical systems are provided.
  • Applications in domains such as energy, medicine or telecom are discussed.

Market trends and conclusions


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