Organ-on-Chip and Organoids Technology for Drug Development


• Vision to create advanced tissue models in drug development to perform a reverse translation from human to in vitro to predict from in vitro to human including personalized healthcare

• Overview of cell source and production of three-dimensional organotypic tissue culture such as organoids

• Microengineering of organ-on-chip systems: design, materials selection, microfabrication techniques, actuators/sensors, and interface

• Merging organ-on-chip and organoids technology to develop the next generation of organ-on-chip platforms for modelling disease pathogenesis

• Challenges for the industrialization of organ-on-chip systems

• Perspectives of multiorgan- and body-on-chip platforms to mimic human physiology as well as organism-on-chip


Scientists, managers and decision makers from the pharma and biotech industry, researchers, engineers, and clinicians. People developing complex in vitro models or involved in the alternatives to animal testing.


Need for alternative testing methods and opportunities for organ-on-chip systems: Biological models - Requirements for in vitro alternatives to animal testing - Personalized medicine

Cell source and three-dimensional multicellular in vitro tissue constructs: Cell types - Basics of cell culture - Organoid technology - Production, sorting, assembling, maturation, analysis

Organ-on-chip engineering: Design - Materials - Fabrication process - Fluid control - Stimulation and sensing

Organ-on-chip platforms recapitulating (patho)physiological responses: Lung-on-chip - Brain-on-chip - Liver-on-chip

Industrialization of organ-on-chip systems: Biology needs to be correct - Parallelization for high throughput - Automation for standardization

Organ-organ interactions: Body-on-chip concepts - Elegans-on-chip

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