David Hitchings

Dr David Hitchings from dsTEC Ltd(UK). David Hitchings was awarded a BSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and an MSc and PhD in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the University College of Swansea, University of Wales. Dr Hitchings has spent over 30 years in applying technology to medicine, through teaching, research and development in industry and academia. He started his teaching career in Edinburgh Medical School, researching and teaching for the Department of Physiology and the Royal College of Surgeons. In subsequent universities he set up Medical Electronics Research groups, which developed technology to meet specific clinical needs. Such developments have included cochlear implants, absolute diagnosis of asthma, chronic cardiac stimulators and the development of calibration methods in flow measurement. He has developed and presented courses in electrical engineering/electronics and physiological measurement in medicine, surgery, anaesthesia, biology and psychology. In recent years he has been a consultant to industry, in particular the application of technology to medicine. He is involved in product design and is a government (DTI) independent business advisor on electronic design. He was a member of the design team that won the UK Electronics Industry Design Award for 2000. He designed a UK Millennium Award product in 2000.


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