Malcom Wilkinson

Dr Malcolm Wilkinson. BA (Hons) in Physics from Keble College, Oxford, MSc from Southampton University and PhD from Middlesex University, London. He has contributed at the leading edge of technology for over 35 years and is well-known for his expertise in the emerging fields of biotechnology and nanotechnology. He has had experience across all business functions in high technology industries in the UK, USA and Europe and served at Board Level in three high technology companies. Dr Wilkinson has a track record of success in bringing new technology from R&D through to volume production in both large and small company environments. He has the industrial / business / socio-economic background needed to understand the mechanisms that may affect the exploitation potential of the results of EU or UK Government funded projects. He has had extensive experience in European Union Framework Projects as an Assessor, Reviewer, Coordinator and Project Partner. He has been a visiting Lecturer for FSRM, Neuchatel, Switzerland, on the subject of Micro and Nanotechnology in Biomedical Engineering for over 10 years. He is co-author on several papers on in-vitro models of toxicity and a contributing editor of a recently published book on In-Vitro Testing. Dr Wilkinson is a champion for the use of leading edge technology to replace animal testing for the development of safe drugs, nutraceuticals, chemicals and cosmetics.


  • Using organ-on-a-chip technology to reduce animal testing