DISSEMINATION, communication and exploitation in EUROPEAN research PROJECTS

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In Horizon Europe, one of the main selection criteria of a project proposal is the impact of the project. This section counts for 1/3 of the final evaluation and places dissemination, communication and the planned exploitation of the project results in the center of the project. For this reason, more and more coordinators include specialised partners like the FSRM in their consortium.

As partner of your new research project, the FSRM will contribute to its success by elaborating the “Impact” chapter in close collaboration with your project coordinator. Once the project is accepted, FSRM will act as WP leader to guarantee the dissemination of the project results, the communication of the project findings to the different target groups and the setting up of structures for the exploitation of the results.


  • is specialised in dissemination, communication and project management
  • is a Europe-wide leading course provider in the field of micro/nanotech with a programme of over 30 topics.
  • is a neutral and independent foundation under private law.
  • has a long experience as partner in European projects (see below).


Our Expertise for EU projects

  • Elaboration and management of work packages in the field of Dissemination,  Communication, Exploitation of Results and Training
  • Administrative project coordination
  • Set-up and management of technical seminars, workshops, conferences and training courses to exchange know-how between the project partners and to transfer knowledge and results from the consortium to a wider public.
  • Set-up and management of communication platforms and conference websites
  • Elaboration of dissemination strategies and communication plans as partner of European projects
  • Set-up of structures for IPR issues and exploitation of results

In addition, the FSRM can make the consortium benefit from its close contacts with professional associations, communication platforms, companies, universities and research centres in the field of micro/nanotech.


Annette Locher
Head of Communications

Tel. +41 32 720 09 03

locher [@] fsrm.ch