Why choose the FSRM ?

The following criteria are important for us and guarantee the high level of our courses:

  • The instructors are established professionals.
  • The course content is practice-oriented.
  • The class sizes are small and encourage networking.
  • FSRM is certified Eduqua, the Swiss quality label for continuing education.

We create a pleasant environment where learning becomes a positive experience:

  • In the morning we welcome you with a good coffee.
  • During the course you will have a digital tablet with the course presentation in your hands, as well as a tactile stylus. You can directly make notes on the presentation and send it to your e-mail address.
  • During the coffee breaks we serve regional products.
  • For lunch the whole group will go to a nice nearby restaurant. Lunch is included in the course fees.
  • You will meet other people working in the same field as yourself.
  • You will benefit from personal contacts of the specialists teaching the course.